Friday, June 20, 2014





Wednesday, June 18, 2014


We run into a problem every June. Well, its not really a problem... There are so many birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate this month! So, we just celebrate them all at once.
Everyone is checking out Jared's welder on the truck.

We got Dad  a big puffy chair for Father's Day/Birthday. Who says Levi can't try it out?!

Susanna and Jon looking good.

Jared and Grandma Veon

This kid is finishing up High-School.


There you have it: twins that are matching.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Ice-Cream cake

Thursday, June 5, 2014

of Selfies, Mother-Daughter Banquets and Good Times

Our family might as well admit . . . we have a favorite.  A favorite lamb that is.  Introducing "Blackfoot"  This girl has been bottle-fed since birth and gets her name from her one black foot.

I find myself saying "It's so pretty out!!!!"  like every time I step out my front door.

Grandpa singing while Susanna accompanies him on the piano.
The rest of the pictures on this post are from the Mother-Daughter Banquet that took place in May.  Thanks Mum!  It was fun to dress up, enjoy some delicious food and just be together.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

phone pics

We got to hear Echo Valley  yesterday!  We've known this family for sometime now and we really enjoy their friendship and music.  Some of my favorite songs of theirs are: Green Beans, My Land and Edelweiss.

  Happy 13th Birthday, Levi! 

My older sis took the time to teach me how to make Chicken Parm, or rather "Chicken Mozzarella" the other day.  

Yes, folks.  We love coffee!!!!!  Who doesn't?

I guess they're still in love.  You think so?

Let's get this party rollin'!

Ria in the tractor

Sarah went and bought herself a piano a few weeks back.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Life as we know it . . . .

Grace Diversified's first concert was pulled off successfully.  We had a great turnout and also heard from a few other music groups that night.  We have been overwhelmed by the support given us by family and friends. (Photo taken by Lily and Es.)

Mum's irises are in bloom.  These flowers have the most awesome smell . . .  or am I supposed to say "aroma"?  Idk.

 Jon and Cindy invited us down to a bonfire one Sunday evening.  Did you know that Reese's Cups are pretty good with marshmallows and graham crackers?


Some of these pics are way past due.  Nope, we don't have these daffodils hanging around still. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Introducing Grace Diversified

It is with much excitement that we present Grace Diversified.   A couple years have come and gone since we stopped singing at different churches and functions.  But you know what? We have missed it SO much! In January of this year, Susanna along with Naomi and I decided that we would give a go at singing again... and why not try to do it really good?! We started out with some major brain searching sessions discussing songs, styles, instruments, and anything else that is related to this sort of thing. Well, we got a list of songs going. Before we knew it we were putting some serious studio time in with our cd man, Todd. We have spent hours laying down scratch tracks in the studio, and have finally finished the tracks that we will use behind singing and playing instruments live. I should say that Todd has worked really hard on these tracks and that we would have gotten nowhere (absolutely nowhere) without him! So peoples... there's a little twist on what we used to be, but we hope to bring you that sound that you remember... new and improved!
We are extending an invitation to all the folks who have faithfully read this blog.  Come out and enjoy an evening on the lake. 
Grace Diversified in concert
When: May 23, 2014
Time: 7 PM
Where: Whalen Pavilion Enon Valley, PA
l. to r. Naomi, Levi, Uriah, Susanna (baby Shofstahl lol), and Sarah

 Levi sings lead and a little bit of bass when he hears it. :)

Naomi is our lead. She does a bunch of solo work, plucking on the harp, fiddling on the violin, and picking on the mandolin.

Uriah sings baritone and gets a couple of chances to sing solos.

Sarah... that's me. I'm having a ton of fun singing the alto and trying my best to help out as best I can on the violin and mandolin (harp too) when my sisters let me.

Susanna... the musical genius of this whole outfit. If it wasn't for this lady, we'd be nowhere. She sings the high soprano and brings everything together with the piano and guitar. You'll catch her playing the violin and mandolin too. :)

So that is Grace Diversified. We hope you get the chance to come out May 23rd. We are excited and praying about this new adventure and trust that God will use us. A special thanks to those who have encouraged and prayed for us!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring is in the air . . . .

. . . . and lambs are multiplying fast, like twins and triplets multiplying!  We now have white lambs, white lambs with patches, brown lambs, tan lambs and even black lambs. 

The family greenhouse is stock full of seedlings and various family members visit it everyday making sure everything is moist and the right temperature for the plants.
As our first "gig" approaches we find ourselves here more and more.

Enjoying the beautiful weather


Lovin' the "spider web" cracks and of course the blue sky.